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Plastic Membership CardsOne fast growing segment of the plastic card industry are membership cards. These cards offer membership benefits to your customers with added incentives. They also give the card holder special discounts, rewards and privileges that keep them returning and also attract new ones.

Especially popular are the key-card combinations (combos). These are very effective in linking your business to your customers wallets, pocketbooks and key chains.

Membership cards generally consist of a standard magnetic stripe and/or a barcode. They also come on a post card backing so you can get your customer's name and address. This allows you to keep track of their purchases and to maintain a relationship with with them through direct mailing.

Our membership and loyalty cards are manufactured with durable plastic Teslin and are laminated on both sides. They are digitally printed. Digital printing produces high quality graphics of photograph quality. We can customize your cards with personalization, names, account numbers, addresses and more. We have graphic designers that can assist you in obtaining a card that you will enjoy handing to your valued customers.

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